Blue Jasmine


Directed by Woody Allen

Writer Woody Allen

Cate Blanchett,  Alec BaldwinSally Hawkins


I must say I watched this movie for two reasons, a). I like Cate Blanchett and love Woody Allen. Other than watching it for the characters mentioned, I didn’t find this movie worth a lot! It was well written and produced, but the film had brilliant, skilled actors with very little use for it.

Blue Jasmine is based on a New York housewife (Cate Blanchett) married to a flush businessman (Alec Baldwin). They live top-notch lives catering to exhuberent tea parties and dinners however the method of which the businessman  acquired his wealth is brought to question early on in the movie.  Hal looses all his assets plus thrown to jail for swindling and fraud. Jasmine ends up loosing everything too; so the movie is based on the broke, unemployed life of Jasmine.

In denial that she lost all her friends, money, rings, couture, vintage and realizing she has nowhere to return to, she moves to San Francisco to live with her sister who was one of the victims Hal swindled.  Jasmine’s socialite life previously did not prepare her for reality so she takes up computer classes and a secretary job to pay for her daily happy-hour cocktails.

Travelling to disrupt her sister’s stressed life, the movie suddenly picks up and we are entertained to some loud, riveting shouting and screaming from the fights Jasmine, her sister and the men in her sister’s life. The high points in this movie for me is when Jasmine grabs the vodka bottle from the living room (which she does in almost every scene), takes a swing, and goes on the most captivating rant on her life down the socialite ladder.

From a woman who had it all and everyone knew it, to a woman fell off the handle and resulted to the bottle, how Cate Blanchett delivered Jasmine’s life crisis is worth watching and applauding.You have to credit Allen for settling with Cate for this role because she took the movie and ran! Her disillusionment to her drinking, all she did for the role as Jasmine was pure entertainment.

As a Rotten Tomato critic put it “Lives constructed on pretense can only stand for so long. Watching them collapse is appalling but undeniably entertaining.” Not saying Im pleased by peoples financial trauma but it makes for an darkly funny movie.


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