Directed by Jeff Nichols

Writer Jeff Nichols

 Matthew McConaugheyTye SheridanReese Witherspoon


Disclaimer: This movie might appear to be old-school therefore not relevant and boring BUT its quite the opposite. The film is a captivating story about Mud (Matthew McConaughey) who lives in a deserted island attempting to live in the shadows of his tricky, escapee life. He is visited by two curious young boys who later become his reason to live a little.

Mud explains he is waiting for his girlfriend to come meet him and escape together, although his past as Mud describes where he killed a man startles the two boys. Intrigued with Mud’s whole story, the two boys decide to help him with his grand plan.

It isn’t too long before Mud and the two boys encounter bounty hunters and Mud’s long planed vision come to life -although not really because he doesn’t end up with the love of his life as he wished.  With such an interesting relationship between Mud and Ellis (one of the two boys), you really appreciate the plot towards the end and the ending especially.

My concern with Mud is that it wasn’t watched as much. Rotten Tomatoes gave it a whooping 98% with a lot of international reception. it is a compelling southern drama with lots going for it. Setting puts you right in the atmosphere of a small Mississippi town and McConaughey delivers his role making it impossible for any other actor to do the same for this film.

Mud should have definitely won an Oscar, a Globe or at least a few nomination for a. best leading actor in a drama and b. best drama picture. Often movies with a southern setting tend to pack the plot to deliver an interesting meaning that will keep the audience glued for the entree 1hr30mins but Mud didn’t need to. The plot was as simple as a man escaping from his dark past and hoping to run away with his love.

It has a rare beauty few appreciate and if not, Mud might be a difficult watch.


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