The Inevitable Defeat of Mister & Pete


Director:  George Tillman Jr.

Writer: Michael Starrbury

Skylan BrooksEthan DizonJennifer Hudson


Grab the box of tissues and get ready to weep tears of sadness as The Inevitable defeat of Mister & Pete takes you on a poignant and meaningful ride.

This film had me in tears (I cried a waterfall) mainly because of how strong and telling the plot is. The story is of a young teenage boy who has a rough time both in school at at home. Raised in the rough inner city neighbourhoods of somewhere which I presume is California, Mister lives with his drug addict/prostitute mother who really is incapable of taking care of Mister let alone herself.

Mister has a friend Pete (a Korean teenager like himself) who lives under similar circumstances. Misters dream to audition for a calling cast in Beverly Hills is never stronger than when the summer begins and sets his eyes on the audition and finally success as a newly found actor.

Mister and Petes story grows more and more despairing when Mister’s mother is apprehended by the police leaving Mister and Pete to fend and care for themselves. With no food, electricity and money, the story becomes a tale of two dependent friends battling life and all its hardships.

Many could throw this story in the pile of many a-like movies about the ‘life in the hood’  however as is commonly seen, this is not a movie where the victim gets involved with a gang and things spiral down that path but quite the contrary. Why I love this movie so much is because amongst all adversity Mister and Pete struggle to survive but in the most kind, innocent way possible. Mister and Pete’s relationship becomes something to be admired. Pete the moral one guides Mister the tough one on the right things to do despite their depression. Their summer becomes more of an adventurer of survival teaching us lessons of perseverance, friendship and belief.

The movie hits home with several messages to think about. As I mentioned earlier, I was brought to tears because of the message the movie intended but also because how similar Mister and Pete’s life is to many teenagers in the world today. It reminded me that every single person in this world is a survivor, some survive better than others and some endure the brink of survival more severely  than others. Bottom line, through our torments in life, our stresses and our defeats, life remains an adventure and there is always the better end to dream towards.

Although Mister never landed his role in the calling cast, what he achieved at the end of his summer was far more valuable. He gained a best friend for life; Pete, grew to become a wiser and determined boy AND he got a really good story to tell in his class essay when school started.


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