How TV shows are becoming super relevant on race and sex issues

"Waiting for the Knock"--When drug dealer Lemond Bishop learns that one of his accountants has been arrested, he turns to Alicia (Julianna Margulies, far left), his second lawyer, Lesli Rand (Annabella Sciorra, second from left), Diane (Christine Baranski, second from right) and Kalinda (Archie Panjabi, far right) for help, on THE GOOD WIFE, Sunday Sept, 28(9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Photo: Jeffrey Neira/CBS ©2012 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved
I just watched the recent episode of the Good Wife and I was blown away with the grace and sensitivity they used while addressing black women in the workforce. The Episode was about a lot of things but for those who don’t watch the awesome show, there is a scene where a Black Law graduate is in for an interview with the managing partners and her resume is being skimmed with very judging, prejudicial eyes. You just have to see it because nothing I can write will fully give justice to this scene.
They ask this beautiful, confident black lady where she is from as the opening question which has nothing to do with her actually ability to do the job. Being aware of this situation she is in, she knowingly responds that she is from Baltimore, Maryland which is supposedly this harsh, struggling city in America. So obviously by now the partners have made 101 judgements about her, her personality and potential based on where she grew up. #sadisanunderstatment
This show is just so epic because it handles everyday matters through the eyes of the law and even when its out of court, the stories they include are just so real and I catch myself deeply reflecting on some of the situations in the show because they happen to a lot of us. In this situation, the fact that this girl was black, in a pool of 3 while male potential candidates was almost a tie breaker in the decision room and when it came down to it, they hired the 3 white males and not her. Reason: The 3 white males had ‘more experience’. Next scene shows her calling out the managing parter for sending out a message that the corporate world and in many cases the American society is predominantly discriminative on the basis of race and sex.
 It’s so frustrating and as a black woman not even in my country of origin, I feel like the odds are deeply stacked against us. I am in no way accepting that fact. Everyday I work hard to show the people who see me out and about in these streets, and more recently the employers I am meeting for potential jobs, that I love living my life the way you see me and I would never change it for a lifetime more. I also make sure I correct any misjudgements or awkward vibes I get from people who make me feel like my skin colour, kinky dreadlocks or accent does or will inhibit my intellectual performance. Ppshh in fact, I’m always going to be the better candidate for the job because my mind has had to adapt and learn 3x faster in order to get the same opportunities as my fellow peers.
Thanks ABC (Network that airs The Good Wife) for putting black women issues on TV. The Good Wife Season 7 Ep6.

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