Why the Danish Girl needs you to watch with a tissue box

He’s hot as a guy and pretty as a girl! Good pick directors. This movie is simply beautiful and so fitting in todays world where there is a shining spotlight in transgender issues. I was previously aware of some of the challenges that transgender people endure and although I cannot fully empathize, this movie brought me close enough to unravel love and self image as a transgendered person.
The character of Lili Elbe was well executed by Eddie Redmayne, you probably know him from Theory of Everything and not much else at least for me and guys, I can’t stop thinking about the talent this man has. Basically, he is in this awesome relationship, married and trying to have a child and whilst living life in Copenhagen in the 1920s, he realizes that he is a woman living in the wrong body.
I’m sure we have heard, watched similar situations but what is different about this story, is that Lili’s wife played by Alicia Vikander has such unwavering love for their relationship, that she helps him transition into a woman.
Simply heart warming, great paintings in the movie and captivating scenes. I hope this movie bags an Oscar or Eddie Redmayne wins because I tell you, it was beyond adorable.
Tissue box? Yes
Director: Tom Hooper
Trivia: The movie is based on a fictional novel by David Ebershoff,

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