Why all movie watchers should boycott the 2016 Oscars!

Its simple guys, the Academy awards has simply turned a blind eye to movies that are about people of colour or are acted by people of colour. When the nomination list came out last week, I was excited because I was on a mission to try catch up on all the latest movies that I thought (based on character list and directors) would be Oscar worthy.

A quick look at the list and I was so appalled that movies like “Concussion” star Will Smith, “Chi-Raq” star Teyonah Parris and “Straight out of Compton” star O’Shea Jackson Jr., “Selma” star David Oyelowo, were nowhere, I mean no where on the list of nominees. Do people in the Academy Awards watch movies, real movies or do they only look the the front cover?

Guys, its straight up ignorant, unappreciative and hypocritical of the institution itself to, on the one hand be all about supporting thought-provoking art that in the form of film, and on the other hand disregard films that address political and social justice in our society. Its so wrong, I don’t even know why we hype the Oscars year in year out.

And while I’m still ranting, big up to Jada Pinket Smith who publicly said she is boycotting the Oscars because she cannot stand to be in a room of hypocritical, passive aggressive people of the dominant race clapping and cheering each other for movies we all know to be basic. YASS Girl!


It don’t believe actors, directors make movies to get recognition… (except you Leo, you are a special case) but since the Oscars is of the highest stature in film, of course it hurts us, people of colour when we don’t see movies that are so closely connected with our lived experiences, being recognized as one of the best movies of the year.

Argh, I thought maybe, just maybe “Selma” would get some Oscar buzz because we all know that black movies about slavery or oppression are the only ones the Academy seems to find interesting. And then to top it off, they get Chris Rock to host the event in an attempt to make us forget the real issue here. Asking people of colour to host the Oscars does not give us the same gratification as awarding a movie acted by people of colour. Shame on you Chris Rock for not reading between the lines of this B.S

Cool Academy Awards! Continue lying to the world that only movies with white people are the best movies. Sooner or later, I pray that movie watchers will wake up to the reality that is right in front of them;  that people of colour are powerful and have powerful stories to tell!  History has shown the strength in the unity of people of colour and I believe a gold man statue will not stop us.



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